Work. Purpose. Love.

Uplift others.  

Love yourself. Treat yourself kindly. Treat others kindly, if you’re not doing this already. Make it your practice. 

Smile at strangers, they might smile back.

You never know; that’s life. Think about that.

Please have fun. 

Be the light in the world… your world, in other('s) worlds, virtual worlds… go forth and learn, explore, love, be kind. 

Nice is not the same as kind.  

We’re heading for some strange and beautiful times. 

- Selena Scola



Acquiring new skills through research and problem-solving rank high on Selena’s list of favorite activities. Her research efforts focus on the social,  economic, and ethical impacts of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) analytics, virtual reality (VR), an augmented reality (AR). As we continue to develop technologies that move us into ever-expanding human machine economy, enhancing our lives in industry and society, it’s imperative that we address the problems of today and not empower them more by blindly building them into the infrastructures of our future.

We truly live in an exciting and wonderful time in human history.


By Imagination

Founded by Selena Scola in 2004

We deliver ideas to educate, inspire, and mobilize businesses. Our highly specialized team has built successful brands in the Arts & Entertainment, Medical, Tech, Nonprofit and Hospitality industries.

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology


MIT Sloan & CSAIL Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy with a focus on the strategic implementation of AI technologies in business and leadership.

University of Pennsylvania


(UPenn, The Satell Institute, and edX) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): A Strategic Approach to the CSR landscape from discretionary to integral components of a company’s strategy to create long-term benefits for company and society, as well as the criteria for successful corporate-nonprofit partnerships. Principles covered CSR in the US, Netherlands and India.


Vegan Kitchen TV (VKTV)

Founded by Selena Scola in 2010

vegankitchentv.com is an eco-conscious entertainment and news site with a focus on environmental food sourcing, the protection of biodiversity, and climate change. We promote growth within a circular economy by supporting entrepreneurs and businesses that design systems with the health of our Earth and environment in mind. Practice compassion, celebrate human creativity, and embrace diversity. 

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The Objet D'Art

Selena's art is abstract; it represents a bit of reality, structure, and imagination. 


Scola v/s Facebook

Fairness, accountability, transparency, and ethics in AI.



Selena portrays different characters in films as a performing artist and is a voice actor.

films & games


Founded by Selena Scola, Howard Wong, curated by Betty Bigas.

The gallery showcases a new artist every month with a combination of fine art and multimedia.  Art workshops are conducted by Rachel Znerold, donation-based yoga taught and managed by Laughing Lotus Yoga graduate Stephanie Stolorow. 17&Hoff borders the famous Clarion Alley featuring a block-long alley filled with an ever changing array of murals.


A documentary by Ai Weiwei